Sunday, October 28, 2007

Book Sales

The first book I ever wrote was titled "The Radical Elements of Radical Success." I spent 5 years writing it, and am mostly proud of it. It got some very nice reviews and was even excerpted in a book on organizational storytelling, but as I've mentioned before, I do have somewhat mixed feeling about it.

It's definitely not the typical success-lit kind of book (which I can't stand)- in fact, I tried to turn the success genre on it's head. (although I think there is probably too little humor and too much earnestness in it - classic success-lit errors!). But my feelings aside, the doggone thing continues to sell!

I'm not talking about large quanties or daily purchases, but there is a regular trickle of sales, a handful or so each month (sometimes I earn enough royalties to buy a pizza... so I do).

I'm glad people are buying it, but these purchases mystifies me. Who is buying these books? How did they hear about it (I haven't done much in the way of marketing, spreading the word, etc)? What made them decide to buy it?

Of course, I also wonder what they think of it after they read it, but that thought comes later.
The question I would most like to have answered is simply "Why?"

(You can get your copy at RoguePress or on Amazon)

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Gabe said...


It's all about content. I believe what you've written (developed) is compelling...and I bet others do too. As has been shown through example after example, anything that is truly innovative or creative or "more good" always seems to endure. And I bet that's what's happening.