Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Dream

The other night, I dreamed it was January 7th, the first day of the winter quarter of classes. I was on campus, and had no idea where my next class was... or where my books were... but it was 5 minutes before 2:00 and I knew the class (which ever one it was) started at 2:00 (pretty darn specific dream, eh?). I didn't have enough notebooks, and couldn't find my locker, etc, etc. Ever have that dream?

Pardon the pun, but it was a textbook version of the school anxiety dream. That's pretty funny, because I'm enjoying school so much, and looking forward to the new quarter so much, so I wouldn't have guessed there'd be much anxiety. I think the dream might have been triggered by the fact that my textbooks showed up in the mail, and while I'm looking forward to classes, I haven't yet memorized my schedule - it's written down at home.

At least I was wearing pants in this one.


Gabe said...

Funny. Why is it when you have this type of dream you also, usually, aren't wearing any pants or clothes or whatever? I remeber having it many times while going to school. Is it some kind of fear of being exposed as someone "dumber" than you think you are?

Deb said...

I remember the dream of being naked at my locker when the bell rang for classes.... or being naked getting on the school bus! I seemed to have one dream or the other every year before school started!

Steve Sherlock said...

Dan, may the new year be filled with wonderful dreams, clothed or otherwise!

Catherine said...

You know, I still have a reoccurring nightmare where I go back to high school and cannot remember my lock combination. Or my schedule. It's horrific. :)