Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tiny Frog!

We found the cutest little frog in the yard of our new house. I mean seriously, this thing is tiny. I can't explain how anyone managed to see it hopping around in the grass that day.

I also can't explain the fact that BOTH my daughters held the little guy in their hands (I figured at least one of them would back out).

It got me thinking about all the interesting-but-unseen stuff that's all around us, all the time. No doubt this isn't the only frog in the yard (but we haven't seen another yet). No doubt this isn't the only yard that has a frog like this. But really, how often do we see these little frogs?

It just goes to reinforce my suspicion that perception is not reality. Perception isn't even really perception. There's so much more going on out there, right under our noses, that we completely fail to see.

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