Monday, June 9, 2008

Cut Grass

As I finished mowing the grass the other day, it hit me that something about a freshly mowed lawn strikes me as beautiful.

It's not the feeling of accomplishment - that's certainly present, but there's something different going on there too. Something like an appreciation of beauty. Something in a primitive, visceral part of my brain.

It probably hearkens back to humanity's origins on the savannah, when primitive man first created the lawnmower (aka a domesticated sheep?).

I don't know what or why. I just know I really like looking at the grass after I cut it.


Deb said...

And the smell of fresh cut grass....nothing quite like it!

dad said...

Hi Dan: ditto... I always liked my lawn freshly cut too (especially after I got a mulcher mower a couple of years ago and don't have to rake or bag anymore)....and now I know more and why..... thanks, Dad

revolution said...

i like the smell