Friday, June 6, 2008

Man, What Was I Thinking?

Some data blatantly stolen from Dan Pink's blog:

Number of new books published last year: 276,649 (That’s 758 new books per day.)
Number of new business books published last year: 7,651 (That’s nearly one new biz book each hour.)
(Source: RR Bowker report, 5/28/08)

And I'm spending my time doing what?

Sigh. Good thing I enjoy writing and think it's fun, 'cause that's a whole lot of competition.


Kim said...

Number of readers who love reading Dan Ward's books and can't wait for him to write more: All of them. (Sorry, no hard data as of yet.)

The Dan Ward said...

Thanks, Kimmer! :) And don't worry, I'll keep writing 'em!