Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Scheduling

So the new quarter has begun, the kids are out of school, our trip to NY is over, and we're all adjusting to this new summer schedule.

I've got classes on Tuesday and Thursday (until 5 - ugh!), but nothing on Mon, Wed or Fri. So that means I can save some gas and work from home 3 days a week... except for when I have to go into campus for the occasional event or meeting. But it looks like I'll be home most M/W/F.

That also means the whole family gets to try to figure out how to make sure Daddy can get his work and studying done during the day, without too many interruptions. It'll be interesting.

I'm also trying to figure out how to schedule the DaNoWriMo 2008 (that's Dan's Novel Writing Month, for any new readers). The fourth, and possibly final, novel in the Boomer Sisters series is going to be titled The Boomer Sisters And The Pirates, and I think I'm going to write it in July (and no, it probably won't be the final one - don't worry).

In the past, I've done most of my writing over a pot of coffee at 5:00 am. This year, my early mornings are already full - I'm running with a buddy 3 days a week, and meeting with some guys to talk about God stuff on Tuesdays, so it looks like most mornings are OUT for this go-round.

Which gets back to those "free" days. I'm supposed to be doing school stuff, researching my thesis, etc. And creatively, it would be a whole different experience writing in the daytime instead of the early morning. I'll probably write early on Thursdays and Saturdays, but that won't be enough time.

We'll see...


Gabe said...

How about writing via DaNoWri2MO - Dan's Novel Writing 2 Months. That's give you one extra month. Or you could do DaNoWri3Mo. That's like an extra month with a droid thown in for extra measure. Hehehe....I like that on.

The Dan Ward said...

Hey, that's good! I'll probably still aim to do it in 30 days (tho #3 took me 6 weeks)... but Wri-3-Mo has a nice ring to it. :)