Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Replacements

We're getting to the point where many things in our house could stand to be replaced. Not that everything NEEDS to be replaced right away, but more and more things are showing their age. I guess that's what happens after you've been married 14 years.

Our toaster oven (which gets used almost every day) no longer dings when it's done toasting. It still toasts things just fine- but we have to watch it to see when it's done, which is kind of a pain. My coffee maker has developed several drip-related quirks, none of which are endearing, so a new one is on its way to the Ward abode, compliments of the nice people at Gevalia. 

We just picked up a new vacuum cleaner because our old one (insert suck-related pun of your choice here). And our TV has cleverly developing a few spots where the picture gets kinda greenish. Most of the time it's not noticable, but sometimes, it is. Plus, the couches are getting less comfy... the list goes on.

So, we've got a list going of "Things To Replace Someday (soonish)." Let's call it our little contribution to the economic recovery.


Phil said...

oh Dan ... reread your first paragraph! I hope you're not going to replace your wife!!!!

The Dan Ward said...

Oh no!

That's funny - and not at all what I meant. :)

The truth is, Kim is more beautiful now than ever. And as a sign of her beauty, wisdom and patience, she even refrained from commenting on my faux pas there. She's a fantastic lady for sure!

Of course, what I MEANT was that a lot of the THINGS in the house (I did use the word "things," which I never use to refer to people) need replacing.

My wife, on the other hand, is hopefully going to stick around for another 60 years or more.