Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cutting Brownies

I baked some brownies the other day, and was dreading having to cut them, because every time I cut them, the brownies (oh, the delicious brownies!) would stick to the knife and make a big mess.

Apparently, everyone else but me already knew that you should always use a plastic knife to cut brownies. No sticking, no mess. Apparently it even says this on every box of brownies I have ever baked. 

Anyway, I have to admit I was still skeptical, but I tried it and just look at how beautiful and crisp the lines are on these brownies!



Kimmer said...

Dan, Dan, Dan. You don't ever need to cut brownies. You eat the batter with a spoon.

Deb said...

I have baked many a brownie in my day and have never heard (or read) that you cut them w/ a plastic knife. I'll try that next time! lick the bowl of the brownie mix and eat raw cookie dough!!! :)

Kim2 said...

This was such a revelation, I bought him a "special" plastic brownie knife for his birthday. :)

Mark said...

First of all, Kim and Deb are right on. Why wait for all that baking and cooling?

Secondly, I always new you were really good at cutting the cheese. Now you are also good at cutting the brownies!

Passante said...

I didn't know about the plastic knife either. Isn't the secret to wait until they are cool before cutting them? I have never made brownies from a mix and mine don't stick -- could it be the evil chemicals in the cake mix? :)

Now does anyone have a solution to biscotti crumbling at the edges when you cut them into slices prior to the second baking? And yes, the knife I use is very sharp and serrated.