Monday, April 27, 2009

Jelly Beans

Did anyone else have a hard time finding regular jelly beans this past Easter?

I found Smarties(tm) jelly beans, Starburst(tm) jelly beans, Jolly Rancher (tm) jelly beans, Orchard Fruit jelly beans, Jelly Belly (tm) beans... but it took me forever to find just regular, ordinary jelly beans.

What's with that?


Deb said...

The ONE bag of spice jelly beans I found was the yuckiest bag of jelly beans I've ever had....stale and old. Musta been from last year!

Now, the Cadbury Mini Eggs were certainly in easy to find!

The Dan Ward said...

Yeah, the one bag of normal jelly beans I found was kinda disappointing too... Maybe next year!

Kimmer said...

Mom had some and they were good - as long as you pick out the black ones!