Tuesday, May 12, 2009


One of my favorite parts of Inside The Actor's Studio is when the host, James Lipton, asks his final series of questions. The most intriguing questions (aside from "What's your favorite swear word?") are "What profession, other than your own, would you most like to try?" and the follow-up, "What profession would you not want to try?"

I have several jobs in each category. Jobs I would love to do include graffiti artist, novelist, monastic mystic and Amish farmer.

Jobs I would hate to do include anything related to dentistry, being a blues musician (I'm just too doggone lucky - and unmusical), and any job involving working on the night shift.

How about you?


Dick Field said...

Voice over artist (actually, I am working on that one)
Food Critic (like to eat, just don't get paid for it)
Film Critic (some of my best friends are art films)
Blues Musician (hey, Dan, you have to have the black experience in a white skin to dig it)

Accountant (if I have a left brain, it manifests itself verbally)
Bureaucrat (oops! - guess those golden handcuffs trump that!)
Any Ball Player Except Soccer (what is hand-eye coordination?)

The Dan Ward said...

@Dick - yeah, singing the blues is definitely not on my list of job skills. I really haven't had any suffering in my life to speak of...