Friday, September 18, 2009

License Fail

Another photo from Colorado. I snapped this one at a red light, as this big black hearse pulled up along side me. The thing about the hearse that caught my eye was the license plate. It says "Happy Harry's"

Um, really? "Hey folks, come on down to Happy Harry's Hearses! We've got what you need for hauling around corpses!"

It turns out, Happy Harry's is an auto dealer in Colorado Springs. But if I was them, and I sold a hearse, I think I'd pass on the opportunity to do a little advertising on the back of the thing. But that's just me.


Deb said...

You see the funniest things!

mandy said...

Dan, Speaking of heares, did you know Buffalo, and the area around it, have a funeral home chain named 'Amigone Funeral Homes'. Seriously.

I could never drive past and not at least chuckle.