Monday, September 28, 2009

Slugging & Reading

When I do the "slug-line" commute (i.e. catch a ride in a stranger's car), I find it difficult to read. Not because I get car sick - it just feels rude.

Now, slug etiquette says you're not supposed to talk. You're supposed to allow the driver to concentrate on driving, and let everyone in the car have a little bit of quiet time. Still, I couldn't bring myself to sit down in the front seat and crack open a book. I did it in the backseat once, but even then it felt a bit rude.

At the same time, it seems a waste of the quiet moments to just sit there, staring out the window. I guess I'll get over it as I get more experience, right? We'll see...

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Kimmer said...

Yeah, I can see how you would feel uncomfortable reading at first. But it sounds like you and the other people in the car are really just any other non-connected commuters, same as if you were sitting next to each other on the metro. Good luck figuring it out. Can we all slug to your promotion? :)