Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Qtrs 4517a

During my recent trip to Colorado, I had an opportunity to do something that I hardly ever get to do - visit a house I used to live in.

Specifically, I took a little trip onto the Air Force Academy grounds, and stopped by the place we affectionatelly called Quarters 4517a. No kidding - that was our address. It looked a lot like I remember. Smaller, of course. And it's vacant & under construction, so the grass was dead. The fence we put up for our dog was gone. But there it is - Qtrs 4517a, a place I lived for four years.

The other big change is that two or three of the other houses in this cluster (4517 C through D or E) are gone. Not sure why they knocked down some and added an extension to others (it's not that big of an extension). But, there you go.


Eileen said...

Oh gosh! It looks a lot like what I remember too...and definitely smaller. But we sure did pack a lot of fun times and love into that place...we made it a home! Thanks for posting the pictures!

Kimmer said...

Wow! Cool. It doesn't look so familiar to me for some reason. How fun that you got to go see it.

dad said...

great pics and great memories... thanks .... Dad