Friday, November 16, 2007

Name-Letter Preference

I found an article in Newsweek about something called "Name letter preference," which basically says people are statistically more likely to buy brands that begin with one of their initials. Research shows that Milwaukee has a more Mildreds than other places do, and the name Dennis is "overrepresented" among dentists.

They even found evidence that people whose names begin with A or B get better grades than people whose names begin with C or D. Bummer!

Now, it's not a huge effect. The 15 years worth of GPA's they studied found a gap of .02 (3.34 versus 3.36), which is small, but a gap none the less.

So, what's in a name? Apparently more than I thought...


Kim said...

This sure explains all the Ds you've gotten in school.

Mark said...

Luckily, you were first-born, so that offset the negative name-letter effect.