Sunday, November 25, 2007

Writer's Strike

I watched a few YouTube videos about the Hollywood writer's strike, compliments of Saul Colt (The Smartest Man In The World). I can't imagine that the producers are going to come out well on this strike (the last big strike cost the entertainment industry $500M).

The thing about writers is they are a) tenacious and b) good with words. Sort of like lawyers, only less well groomed. Oh yeah, they also provide the raw materials, the essential starting point, the very life blood of the entertainment industry. And they're underpaid... or to be more specific, they are not paid for things like DVD's, online content, etc - even though the companies are making money on the writer's work. For all their contributions, writers typically don't get much respect in Hollywood.

So, imagine that your opponent is a tenacious wordsmith underdog who provides you with the thing you need the most. Yikes.

My money's on the writers. It might take a while, but I bet they'll win.

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