Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Running out of words

Wow, I've been writing a lot lately.

I'm putting the finishing touches on a 6-page article for Defense AT&L (topic: Postmodern Program Management). I'm about 8 pages into a 15+ page research paper on cyberwarfare. Plus I co-wrote a 15 page paper on China's cybersecurity doctrines and capabilities. Next up: short essays on military deception and psychological operations in history. Oh yeah, I'm also doing my final edits on the third Boomer Sisters book (Don't forget - it's coming on 1 Dec!)

I'm enjoying it all and learning a lot. It's some really good stuff... but I haven't been able to write anything on The Helper In The Sun (and I really want to!). Sigh. Maybe next week?

(And the only thing I could think to write for my blog is this post.)

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