Monday, January 19, 2009


Ok, what am I supposed to do when I see a street sign that says this? 

For some reason, Plattsburgh NY has decided to install several signs like this (some say "End 40 MPH Limit"). Wouldn't it have been easier to go with a normal "Speed Limit X" sign? I mean, why the extra words and decreased clarity? 

Just one more example of the inverse relationship between complexity and goodness, ala my Simplicity Cycle (which apparently can be applied to everything in the world)


Mark said...

When you see a sign like that, clearly you are now able to drive in such a manner that is no longer restricted to a rate of change of distance per unit time equivalent to or less than twenty (20) miles per hour (mph) insofar as previous to encountering said sign you were effectively restricted as such.


The Dan Ward said...

Mark, that made me LOL out loud.