Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NYC Photos

A couple shots from my recent trip to NY City, compliments of my handy little fuzzy camera phone. I particularly like this one - when I think of NYC, this sort of image comes to mind:

Sort of like Texas, everything is big in New York City. I snapped this picture of a huge Spiderman, climbing down the wall near the Sony Wonder Technology Lab (which gives free tours - very fun!). We did a lot of free stuff that day.

Driving in the city is a nightmare. But walking is another experience entirely. I really enjoyed walking around, and snapped this shot of a little gargoyle on some building we walked past. I have no idea where I was - I just liked the gargoyle. I think it was on a restaurant, but it might have been a hotel or an apartment building. I'm sure someone will leave a comment and let me know.


Deb said...

I'd love to head to NYC one day. What cool pictures and I'm sure the ginormous pretzels do taste better in the summer time!! :)

dad said...

Hi Dan: I concur.... till this day, I don't like driving in NYC at all.... but walking around was always ok (or taking a bus, or even the subway); but walking around was always interesting because there was always so many ineresting things to see..... Dad

Dick Field said...

Driving in NYC. That brought a chuckle as I remembered the time my wife and I went northeast to take our long awaited New England Fall Foliage Road Trip. We landed in Philly and headed for Long Island, where we wanted to spend a night in the Hamptons, just so we could say "Yaas, we've vacationed in the Hamptons". Anyway, my wife says, "As long as we're here we need to visit the World Trade Center site!" I responded, "You want me to drive off-course through Manhattan in this SUV?" Actually, it turned out to be a lot easier than I had expected - once you get used to the bicycle and scooter messenger escort within inches of your vehicle. We paid our respects at WTC and continued on to Longh Gihland without incident.

-- Dick

Steve Behm said...

The best time/place to get one of those pretzels is after a game at Yankee Stadium. Takes the edge off the $8 beers you just drank, plus it's kind of a communal thing to do.

As for driving in NYC, I've done it a few times. Found it to be both exilharating and frustrating, depending on how many delivery trucks are stopped in front of you. Parking, on the other hand, is just plain expensive. Love to visit the city, but I probably wouldn't want to live there.

Glad you had a good trip.