Thursday, March 19, 2009

I (Heart) Yellow Springs

Had a wonderful trip to Yellow Springs, OH yesterday. I've mentioned my fondness for this beautiful little town several times on this blog, and I just don't get tired of marveling at how enchanting the place is.

It probably helps that I'm all done with school and my lovely wife and I were there sans-children (they, unlike me, are NOT done with school yet). So the multi-fasceted sense of freedom was certainly part of the day's charm, but the town itself deserves a lot of the credit.

We had lunch at the Sunrise Cafe - the food was amazing - and even brought home some pie for "lunch dessert." We wandered around Darkstar Used Books (I picked up a copy of The Peter Principle for $1.50) and a jewelry shop whose name escapes me. We bought some fantastic hard rolls from a little bakery whose name I always forget (but whose rolls I never do). 

The weather was gorgeous, the town was its usual quirky self (as we were having lunch, the local Yellow Springs mailman came into the cafe to deliver the mail. I'd never seen a mailman with dreadlocks quite as magnificent as his). All in all, it was a simply fantastic day. 


Kimmer said...

I'll really have to check out this town someday! You do a good sales-pitch for it. :)
Congrats on being done, by the way!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Yesterday was GORGEOUS, you picked a super day to roam around town. You must feel great being done with school :)

I love seeing dreadlocks and wish I could have them but alas, my hair and my face are not conducive to it :(

The Dan Ward said...

Kim, you would love Yellow Springs. It's kind of like a smaller, warmer version of Burlington.

And JafaBrit's got it right - the weather was just perfect!