Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thesis Defense Update

This morning's thesis defense was sort of like running the 1/2 marathon last September.

When I finished, I was sweaty, thirsty, exhausted and a little dizzy. I had a slight headache, a strong sense of accomplishment and relief, a confused appetite (hungry? no? yes?) and a moderately impaired decision making ability. I enjoyed having done it, even though it was painful and difficult at some spots, and I very much liked how it felt to be done. Both the 1/2 marathon and the thesis defense were harder than I expected... and in both cases, I was able to finish with my head up.

Also in both cases, my satisfaction came from having run/worked well, not from the time/grade I received (I didn't actually get a grade on the thesis yet - it'll be interesting to see what grade I get. It could totally go either way).

In the end, it was a lot of fun. The thesis committee asked some very pointed, tough questions, and all I can say is "Dang, I like a good fight." I enjoy being challenged and pressed and forced to explain my position. 

And holy cow, I'm so glad to be done.


Eileen said...

We're happy and relieved for you, Dan, and of course very, very proud, too! Wish we could have been there today. Dad and I both agree that we probably would have felt like we did at your HS wrestling matches ;) GO DAN!!!

Dick Field said...

Congratulations, Dan!