Sunday, January 20, 2008


The brightness setting on my Mac book was somehow set to *Super Low* making the screen remarkably hard to read in the presence of any light whatsoever.

For reasons beyond my comprehension, I didn't try to adjust it or fix it. I didn't look into it. I just sort of assumed the brightness was what it was, and I squinted, got closer and avoided bright light... Until two days ago, when I found the screen settings and adjusted the brightness to *High.*

Ah... so much better!

That made it bright for a while, then went into some energy saving mode and dimmed (a bit), then brightened up again when I typed something or moved the mouse... and watching it do that, I remember it used to do that. It used to be bright & dim - I'd apparently forgotten how bright.

And then this morning, I watched it actually take itself to a *Super Low* brightness setting, all by itself. And it stayed there. Even when I typed. So I went in to the power management application and told it to Cut It Out!

We'll see if it listens...

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