Tuesday, January 15, 2008


After posting my earlier comment about The Desert, I've been re-reading it and thinking about it... and have had more-than-momentary flashes that the book is actually not very good. It's an uncharacteristic dip in confidence, and I'm sure it's temporary, so I'm pressing ahead anyway.

I've decided to look for an agent, instead of going straight for a publisher. So far, I've contacted two agents, and neither was interested. Only 10,000 more agents (and potential rejections) to go. I like that the agents have been able to respond so quickly - a nice change from the several months I've waited to hear from publishers in the past. And they've both been very gracious, sending me nice "this isn't my kind of book" comments...

We'll see where this thing takes me. I'm thinking about contacting some agents with a proposal based on my Simplicity Cycle. Just a matter of getting the right book in front of the right person... right? I'm sure there's a yes out there somewhere, and until then, there's always Lulu.

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