Friday, February 8, 2008

Krog's New Weapon

Changing topics a bit, I wanted to announce that my latest "article" (entitled Krog's New Weapon) is posted on the Defense AT&L website, along with the rest of the Mar/Apr 2008 issue. Don't miss the lively exchange in the From Our Readers section (hoo-boy, that was fun!). All you subscribers out there will receive your hardcopy in the mail in a few weeks.

There's a reason I referred to it as an "article," because this time, it's actually a science fiction story. So even if you're not a highly-decorated, often certified and fully trained defense technologist or acquisition professional like myself, you might still enjoy the story (it helps if you're a sci-fi fan).

I do this sort of thing periodically - writing fiction instead of a more traditional article. The first time it was a fairy tale, and there was the film noir spoof. And of course, there were the FIST comics (here's Part II). Now there's this sci-fi bit, and coming up in a few months is a modern fiction story, featuring none other than Socrates (assuming the editor like it).

Happy reading!

(UPDATE: The file they posted at the link above is missing page 3 (of 4) - so go here and scroll down to page 24 to read the whole thing. I'll let them know on Monday and it should be fixed soon.)


Dick Field said...

" academic lecture on the risk management process..." - !!!

Hey! Didn't I just see one of those, getting off a boat?!

HAH! - You guys just have too much fun in the face of pomposity!

Rock on, indeed.

Dick Field said...

Also, loved the sci fi format article. Great action in conference room F22. It is good to observe the magic passing through the Grudith Jeigian contingent!

sallyhogshead said...

Dan, great to read your words all over again. You never fail to fluster the intellectual prudes!

Keep up the good fight.

The Dan Ward said...

Thanks, Sally & Dick!

Mark said...

So, readers - how many hidden references, anagrams, and plays-on-words did you find?

One of my favorite things about your allegorical writing, Dan-O!