Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who Knew?

I never knew I could write a novel in 30 days - until National Novel Writing Month came along and suggested I give it a try. I liked it so much, I've done it 3 times now.

In a similar vein, some colleagues and I were recently invited to create a single-panel cartoon (ala Far Side) for everyone's favorite technology journal, Defense AT&L. We didn't know we could do it until we were asked - and then we came up with over 30 comic ideas in about 2 weeks (they only publish 6 issues a year, so that's like a 5 year supply... except some of the ideas probably aren't funny, so maybe it's just a 2 year supply).

I wonder what else I'm not doing, not creating, simply because I didn't think of it.


Glenn Gaslin... said...

if i ever get to thinking there's simply not enough time or energy to get it all done, you're one of the guys i think about. for real.

The Dan Ward said...

Thanks, Glenn!

The funny thing is, it doesn't seem like a lot... and the list of stuff I want to do & books I want to write keeps getting longer all the time.

I actually spend a lot of time watching tv...