Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let's Play Hide The Gate!

I apologize for the fuzzy quality of the photo, but have several handy excuses:
a) I was sort of late for my flight so I didn't have time to set up a tripod
b) I didn't have a tripod
c) I was using my little cellphone camera, so even if I'd had both time and a tripod, it wouldn't have helped
d) I always get nervous taking photos in an airport, particularly when a security person is standing near by asking "Why are you taking a picture?" so I snapped it quickly (see also "a")
e) Airport lighting isn't exactly photo friendly.

But despite these obstacles, I had to take this shot, because it was just too crazy. See, there I was, minding my own business and looking for a specific gate. But, some Safety Minded Individual (SMI), in the interest of Airport Security, had placed the Exit sign ever-so-helpfully... RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GATE SIGN! I had to practically stand right underneath it to read the gate numbers.

Holy cow. And yes, the Exit sign really is as close to the Gate sign as it looks.

Here's what I want to know:

1) Why did anyone think this was a good idea? Why did nobody stop the SMI?
2) Why didn't they just put an indication of the exit on the same sign as the Gate & Food Court? (is it because the exit sign has to be illuminated, and they couldn't figure out a way to make the Gate & Food sign meet the spec's?)
3) Does anyone actually Exit the airport? Don't they go to places (like Gates, Food Courts and Baggage Claim)?

(PS - I'm giving 10,000 bonus points to anyone who correctly guesses which airport I was in)


Eric said...

Heck, how about Philly?
2nd guess: Baltimore.

You just can't pass up a free opportunity for 10,000 points.

The Dan Ward said...

I'll give you 500 points for being the first guesser, but it wasn't Philly or Baltimore...

Kim said...

You just flew to Boston recently, so my guess is Logan. But based on my experience, it could be just about anywhere in America!

The Dan Ward said...

Boston is close - but I had a layover...

Gabe said...

How about Chicago O'hare?

It's a terribly designed airport from a "getting to your gate quickly" standpoint. I always landed there and had to traverse the entire airport to get to my next gate.

dad said...

Hi Dan: if it's not Logan, and not O'Hare, and not BWI or Philly (Philly is the worst of the lot so far), and you were recently in Boston and had a layover, flying from Dayton or Columbus, then it must have been one of the 2 DC airports (Reagan or Dulles).... there is always confusing stuff and construction at Dulles..... my favorite is all the people who don't speak English at Dulles, (Punjab and thinck Pakastani accents don't count) hired and paid to give all the gate announcements and gate changes to the majority of traveling folk who only speak English.... did I win? Dad

The Dan Ward said...

Dad- you get 800 points for mentioning the most airports - and another 1400 bonus points for the announcement story (too true!).

I once heard an airport announcer say, in a very thick accent, "Mr Smith... we are looking for Mr. Smith... Um, Mr. Smith, where are you?" I just about fell down laughing.

Anyway - the airport was NYC's own LaGuardia! (but you're all correct - it could have been any of them - so, 10,000 points to everyone!)