Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Movie Recco's?

Kim and I have been watching a series of masterpiece theater movies based on Jane Austen novels lately. I actually enjoyed them immensely - very funny, engaging, and all together lovely. Ms Austen was quite a writer (and I'm hoping to read at least one of her books this year). But I'm ready to change gears a little.

And as it happens, this weekend my lovely and amazing wife is heading out of town for her annual "mommy's weekend away" with a girlfriend from college. The kids and I have a fun weekend planned too, of course.

I always take advantage of these weekends to watch movies Kim isn't interested in - usually dumb comedies or action flicks. Previous years I've watched Batman Beginnings, Idiocracy, V for Vendetta, etc. I'm very fortunate that Kim does go for things like Stargate, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the Simpson's movie. So finding a movie I'm interested in that she doesn't want to see can be tricky (and yet, I somehow manage to do it).

This year, I'm planning to watch Beowulf, and maybe Transformers. But I thought I'd ask if any of you have movie suggestions. I'd love to hear them!


revolution said...

best movies we've seen lately:


blood diamond

eastern promises

assasination of jesse james by the coward robert ford

Deb said...

Kevin just watched the Bourne Ultimatium, I think that's the one he said!

Gabe said...

Some of the opening scenes in Transformers are awesome!

Good Night and Good Luck

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