Friday, April 11, 2008

Coffee Talk

Last year, my wife brought back some wonderful coffee from a conference she attended. It was one of those coffees that makes you say "Wow, that's good coffee" after almost every sip. No exaggeration - it's really good stuff.

Since I enjoyed it so much, she ordered me some for Christmas... but it didn't show up. Thinking perhaps there'd been a temporary problem with the website, or perhaps a mistake in the first order, she tried again in Feb, ordering me some for my birthday. Still, nothing showed up.

So, she ended up giving me a gift certificate to Coffee Fool (awesome company, awesome coffee). And two days after receiving my latest Coffee Fool order (one bag of Tanzanian Peaberry and one of a French Roast blend), guess what showed up? BOTH orders from the first company (which shall remain nameless). Yup - the Christmas order and the birthday order, all at once, with no note of apology or recognition of the delay.

Now I'm swimming in coffee. Looks like I'd better increase my coffee consumption, eh?


Ulla said...

Hi there Dan! This is your blog now, no?
You have so many!
I just linked this one:)

Gabe said...

Looks like its time for another DaNoWriMo....with all that coffee and all. You never have to go to bed. Quaid might could give you some tips.