Monday, April 7, 2008


For those who haven't heard, I've been offered a job in DC, at the Pentagon. We'll move in June 2009.

It was quite a surprise - we'd been planning to stay in Ohio after graduation next March. Instead, we'll be heading back east. The job sounds amazing, and we're excited to be closer to family, etc. We like the DC area - so much to do, so much history, etc. But the prospect of moving again after less than 2 years on station is a bit tiring.

And we got the offer mere days after we'd signed contracts to have our master bathroom remodeled... and to have the back stairs outside removed/replace and a deck added. We didn't really plan to do both the same week, but that's how it ended up working out. We probably would have made different decisions if we'd known we only have a year left in the house. Hopefully these projects will help make the house more attractive to buyers next spring. At the moment, it's just a few more bits of expensive chaos as we mentally begin preparing to move.


Deb said...


Mark said...

Gosh, I hope Cash$Land has a branch out in DC. I'd hate to see you have to go without any good ID Theft...

Dick Field said...


And so it begins . . . the Young Turks move into the House on the Hill . . . well, actually on the river, but you get my point. Hopefully the fires of revolution will not be quenched by the waters of the Potomac.

I like DC - have lived there in the past. Our HQ is in Falls Church now (possibly moving to Belvoir or the environs), so we should still be able to cross paths.

-- Dick