Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Postmodern Program Management

The latest issue of everyone's favorite defense technology journal is posted online, and my humble contribution this time is actually in two parts.

First, there's an article titled Postmodern Program Management. Don't know what postmodern means? Well, read the article and find out. Not interested in Program Management? That's alright too, because the article is really more about theology, philosophy and a better way to live than the dull details of managing a program. I'd love to hear what you think of it - and so would the editor!

And the second contribution is the really exciting one - it's the first comic in our 13 Theta series (13 Theta being "more than twice as good as 6 Sigma"). One of the running themes throughout the 13 Theta comics is "Great Moments in Acquisition History." We've got a big stack of comics, and are hoping to be able to get them out a bit more frequently than Defense AT&L's 6-issues-a-year publishing schedule.

So, check them out if you're so inclined. And look out for the July/Aug and Sept/Oct issues, because our next two articles are real doozies!


Mark said...

Cool article and love the comic!

The serif font in DAT&L makes "Pomo" look like "Porno" at a glance, though. :)

Dick Field said...

Dan --

The influence of you and your cohorts in DAT&L continues to grow - or elongate, as in the "path to the Pentagon". It appears that the letters to the editor are chiefly driven by the Rogue collective these days. This is a good sign of what the readership is paying attention to.

Looking for the bi-monthly (or more frequent) comics to come. Thanks for the sneak preview over Greek food!

-- Dick

Mark said...

Hey Dan, is that a reference to you on pg 56?

The Dan Ward said...

Mark - yup, I'm the writer who got job offers on the basis of my articles. :) (and there's a letter to the editor about my Weird Leonard article on the page before that).