Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dan's Books: The Simplicity Cycle

Did you know that October is Official "Buy Dan's Books" month? It is now!

And to celebrate Official "Buy Dan's Books" month, thoughout the month of October I'll periodically present short profiles and reviews of my books, with links to Rogue Press and Silly Hat Press, so you can buy copies for your very own self (and some to give as gifst)! How exciting is that! I'll even autograph them for you, if you see me in person (or send one to me in the mail)

We'll start with The Simplicity Cycle. It's a design book that explores the relationship between complexity, goodness and time. I originally wrote it for engineers and systems designers, but I've heard from artists, writers, software programmers, college professors and scientists who say it describes their creative journeys. 

If you paint, draw, write, make music, program computers or otherwise create things, I think you'll find this book helpful. If you have any interest in the intersection between complexity, simplicity and design, or want to discover some ways to simplify things, check this book out. 

You can download the PDF version for free at Rogue Press - and I hope you do.  But you can also buy the print version - and I hope you'll do that too, 'cause remember, this is Buy Dan's Books month.

In an early review, Chet Richards wrote "Like Sun Tzu or Jonathan Livingston Seagull, or The Elements of Style, this is a little tome that you can keep in the center drawer of your desk and take out from time to time just to glance through. The book is obviously the product of its own advice: simple, functional, elegant"

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