Monday, October 6, 2008

Meet The Boomer Sisters

I first heard about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2005. It sounded like an interesting challenge, so I decided to have a go at writing a novel. Since I wanted to be sure at least someone would read it, I decided to write a children's novel, figuring my two daughters were a built-in audience.

After thirty exhausting, frustrating, caffeine-fueled and thoroughly enjoyable days, I had the first draft of my first novel, Meet The Boomer Sisters. It was a fantastic experience, and one I have now repeated three more times (on three different books). I highly recommend it to anyone who currently gets too much sleep or drinks too little coffee.

The book, like the others in the series, is a mystery/adventure, featuring BJ and Jekka Boomer. 
This particular story's themes are family, courage, self-expression and creativity. 

I hooked up with the talented Mandy Hoelmer for the cover design and internal illustrations. As a writer, that's always a fascinating and fun experience, to see someone else create art based on my words. I love how it came out.

I've had some modest success selling it at local bookstores, and have done a few readings at local schools, but mostly I wrote it for my girls. Every once in a while, I realize there's a pretty good chance they'll read this book to their kids someday, so I guess I wrote it for my future grandchildren too. That's a pretty weird thought.

You can flip through a free preview at Rogue Press, or (of course) by a copy for your very own self!

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