Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moving Is Disorienting

Whew, we're in our new house in VA, and the dust is starting to settle (only starting, mind you).

We've got the bedrooms and kitchen all put together, and we went grocery shopping. But the office, guest room, living room and basement all still have a long ways to go before they're really fit for habitation. Man, this moving thing is tiring!

It's also disorienting. I find myself in a bit of a fog, not quite sure what day it is. I was writing up a storm before I left Ohio. But ever since the packers showed up, I haven't had the mental leisure to think about very much that didn't involve cardboard, maps or fast food.

And while we really like the house we're in now, we're discovering all sorts of quirks about it. Like how there's no doorbell (that's actually alright), or there's no electric outlet in the downstairs bathroom (kind of a bummer). Still figuring out how to work the thermostat (it was pretty warm this morning). You know, usual new house stuff.

And we're adjusting to some less-than-desirable aspects of the new digs. Like, the TV is in the basement, where it's a bit damp feeling, despite the nearly constant hum of the dehumidifier. And access to the back yard for the dog is also through the basement. So, we'll be walking lots of steps. But we'll get used to it, I'm sure.

On the plus side, the screened-in porch off the dining room is fantastic. The backyard is a mini forest, so it's gloriously shady and cool. The neighborhood is full of kids, and they love to hang out in the tree fort in our back yard. Definitely helps smooth the transition for our kids.

All in all, the transition is going about as smoothly as possible. We've been really fortunate. But - no surprise here - it'll be a little while still before things feel normal.


Deb said...

Welcome Home, Dan!!! :)
I can't wait to see your new place with my own 2 eyes and bring the 8 other eyes that live with me too!! :)

Dick Field said...

Your comment about the dehumidifier in the basement reminded of when my family moved to Northern VA from Colorado (in 1958 - my father was working for the newly-formed FAA). We had a dehumidifier, but never really bothered to turn it on. After all, we were from Colorado. What the heck is humidity? (We got the answer to that soon enough!) Anyway, I stored a Mexican sombrero I had gotten in Juarez in the basement. When I retrieved it two years later when it was time to move back to Colorado, it was completely covered with green mold! Moral: Keep that humidifier hummin'!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Congratulations on the move :) and I hope you enjoy your new area.