Thursday, June 11, 2009


Since starting this blog, I've had several phases where I thought I wouldn't keep up with the blogging. I never quite managed to stop.

But, now that I'm doing Rogue Project Leader in earnest, I find this blog moving to the back burner. And with the upcoming move, that's a trend that's likely to continue.

I'm not saying this blog will completely go silent, but it probably won't have the regularity of 7 am posts, Monday through Friday. And I write that line knowing there's a real possibility I'll blog here a lot more than I think I will.


Kimmer said...

I hope that you surprise yourself and end up blogging on here regularly. Your other blog is mainly lingo that ik kan niet verstaan.
If you put all your blogergy into the Boomer Sister blog, that's fine too.

The Dan Ward said...

Thanks! I imagine there will be plenty to say here (but like I said, these next few weeks might be slim).