Friday, May 23, 2008

Agent Search

OK, I think I'm going to look for an agent now.

Well, not right this very minute, but over the next several weeks/months, I'm planning to contact some literary agents (aka writer's representatives) and see if I can't bring some of my books to the next level. As in, triple digit sales... maybe even four digit sales (hey, dream big, right?).

I feel sort of mixed about this concept. There is so much I like about the self-publishing approach - the speed, flexibility, control... I also like the fact that nobody is counting on me to run around on a book tour, giving lectures or doing readings at schools & libraries. In other words, I can do the book marketing on my own time (or not do it). And if some real grownups are involved & invested in my books, I'll probably owe them some marketing effort - which I may or may not be able to do, timewise.

Still, I would like to see the books get out there a little more widely. And while I think the quality is already very good, I'm sure they could benefit from some professional editing. The Simplicity Cycle book in particular is pretty great (imho), but imagine if someone who knew what they were doing redid some of the charts, graphs and pictures.

So, I'm looking for an editor agent. Leads and suggestions are welcome.


Mark said...


or Editor?

Same difference?

The Dan Ward said...

Apparently I need both - yeah, it was supposed to say Agent, and I typed Editor... but I've corrected it now. :)

OK, now that Mark is my editor, any agents out there want to join in the fun?

Anonymous said...

I think I messed up somehow in trying to leave a comment before, which was this:

Ahem. You know a couple of professional editors who are (though I say it myself on behalf of both of us) not altogether bad.

Let me try to leave this again anonymously, without my Google ID.

Passante (you know who I am!)