Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bad Writers

I think the world suffers more when bad writers do not write than when they do.

What about you?


Tori said...

i thinks you is quite possibly kurect.

seriously, huh?

Lisa said...

what? :)

Mark said...


I think the amount of suffering is more closely related to the reading of bad writing than the writing of bad writing.

For i=1 to 5
Who would read what a bad writer writes if a bad writer writes really bad?
Next i

The Dan Ward said...

I'm probably being too oblique - sorry!

What I was trying to say is something like this: stifling the creative impulse is generally a bad idea. Doing so just because the outcome is "bad writing" (or bad drawing or bad music, etc) is terrible, because bad writing can be rewritten and become good writing, but stifled writing doesn't have that opportunity.

I think people should give voice to their creative impulses, even if the end result is never going to win any awards.

However, I didn't say they have to share, publish or otherwise distribute their bad writing. Reading that stuff can indeed induce suffering. :)