Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Future (from the Past)

One of the bummers about blogging is the fact that regular readers are likely to miss discussions in the comments section of older posts. Even people who leave comments might miss out on subsequent replies to their comments, since most RSS feeds only distribute posts, not comments (and I do reply to most comments).

I mention this because right now there's a pretty interesting discussion about the future going on in the Comments section of a post I wrote a while ago. I briefly considered posting it all up here, but decided it makes more sense to just link to it. Follow the link above check it out.

I will add this additional thought to my already-posted reply:

Question: How many of today's predictions about the future are correct?
Answer: None (yet). They won't be correct until the future arrives.

(Oh, and when I say that a thing is silly, that's not necessarily a criticism. I am quite fond of silly things. It's only a criticism if we take silly things too seriously.)

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