Friday, May 16, 2008

Danger - Gators!

On my recent trip to Florida, I had a wonderful dinner with an old friend and his family. But before dinner, we walked around his neighborhood a bit, and came across this sign in a small pond (which I captured with my Fuzzy Camera Phone):

And not only is this gator pond in the middle of a very nice neighborhood... but they put a park bench right in front of it, as you can see here:

Sure, be careful of the alligators - but go ahead and sit right here. I wonder if maybe the gators put the bench there as bait.


revolution said...

we can live in harmony with the gators....

just have to keep the dogs and cats away from the water's edge.

Deb said...

Is that someone sitting on that bench???

Mark said...

That bench looks like a nice place to be lunch.

Tori said...

OK so i'm a little late getting through my google reader.

Where did you go in FL?

I used to live in Tampa, right out of college, for 2 years. We had at least one gator in the pond in front of our office park. One day a new employee, from Brooklyn, started working for us. Her very first day at work she had to stop in the middle of our little access road to wait for the gator to cross. You can imagine her story in her NY accent that afternoon.

Sigh, Florida!!!