Monday, July 14, 2008


We ate some green beans from the garden with dinner last night - they were delicious!

The beans were a late addition to the garden... sort of an afterthought, actually. But I'm so glad I planted them. It's been fun to see how fast they grow, how quickly and how many beans they produce. The girls helped pick them yesterday afternoon, and I let them each keep a few to play with. They thought that was awesome.

I'm actually not ordinarily a big fan of green beans, but these have turned out to be quite tasty.

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Mark said...

Aww, I saw the title and was hoping you would continue with "...the magical fruit", or "...they're good for your heart"

In all seriousness, we love green beans. Sauteed in a little butter and/or olive oil, a little garlic salt, and rosemary. Yum! Send any extras here...