Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stay At Home Servers

I was listening to Pandora and an ad caught my eye - an ad for a book titled Mommy, Why Is There A Server In The House? (subtitled Helping your child understand the stay-at-home server).


I realize it's part of an advertisement for computer servers you can put in your house, but really, it's hilarious. Go read it. You won't regret the 2 minutes it takes.

You can actually buy the book for $6 at Amazon, or just read it online. And you know what? It makes me want to buy a server!


Mark said...


GREAT AD (er, book)

Maybe next it will be "Daddy, Where Do Servers Come From?"

and maybe the politically correct "Bobby has Two Servers"

Gabe said...

This is very clever. From the mind of Windows....are you kidding me.

"Bobby has Two Servers," funniest comment ever.

The Dan Ward said...

You guys crack me up - Mark, you should write these books...