Monday, August 17, 2009

Magnetic Poetry

A while back, I came into possession of a little box of words on magnets - a magnetic poetry kit. On campus, I found a bathroom stall with metal dividing walls and covered the back of the door with words. It was fun to periodically stop by and see what kind of poetry people created.

Then someone took the magnets away. I assume they were thrown in the trash.

So I put up another set. A few days later, they were gone too. But I still had plenty left.

Now that I'm in a new position, I covered the fridge at my new office, and people have so far not thrown them away. In fact, there's some pretty fun stuff there:


Kimmer said...

I love it! That's inspiring. :)

Michelle said...

Awesome! We had one a long time ago, and it got thrown out during the post-flood renovations. Thanks for reminding me of these. I'd like to get another set and get my older daughter in on the action.

Deb said...

Love those kits!

Phil said...

we had one in the office in Iraq ... great diversion from the crazy days. kids have one on the fridge at home.

The Dan Ward said...

Yeah, they're a lot of fun! It's also interesting to see how people change other people's poems.

too cool.