Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quick AdWords Update

I'm up to 21 clicks now, and 28,000 impressions.

The most effective keywords seem to be pirates and mystery.

More to follow...


Phil said... does one 'trigger' an it through a google search?

The Dan Ward said...

Yeah - when you write the ad, you also come up with a collection of keywords associated with it. Google uses those keywords to figure out when to show the ad.

When ever someone does a search, Google quickly runs an auction among relevant keywords, and the winners get posted along the side of the search results. That's an "impression." The way I'm doing it, impressions are free - I only pay per click. But I could have decided to pay per 1,000 impressions instead.

Also, I set the max "per click" price I'm willing to pay (which gets considered in the auctions), along with a daily limit and an end date for the overall campaign.