Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Morning...

There are times when a brutally hot and humid day, followed by an epic midnight thunderstorm, will conspire to create a graceful morning that is exquisitely crisp, as if the weather is apologizing for its previous rudeness.

This is not one of those times.

Yesterday was indeed brutal, and last night's thunderstorm epic, but this morning was no apology.

At 5:45, I stepped outside to go for a run across the surface of Venus. The morning air was trying to be cool, like a balding, fat, 53 year old man in a Member's Only jacket, driving across campus in a t-top Camaro and blasting Barry Manilow's 1978 disco hit, Copacabana, while winking at the girls going past. OK, it wasn't quite as cool as that.

Tiny invisible fairies stretched their coarsest woolen gossamer across my path, lovingly wrapping me in a warm, damp embrace and helpfully thickening the air I'd hoped to breath. It was quite an interesting run.

My new goal for the day: stop sweating at some point before bed.


Eileen said...

oh Dan I just love this picture you drew for us! (and I am SO glad I am not there!)xxoo

dad said...

Hi Dan: great word picture you 'drew' for us...so was the surface of 'Venus' hot? humid?... must have felt good to go back into your AC house after the 'sweaty' run....just think: winter will be here before you know it....Dad

Gabe said...

Exactly....I noticed too how crazy the humidity is. Do you ever NOT sweat there?

Deb said...

Hey, you should write a book or two....you have a way with words, ya know??? xoxo