Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekly "radio" address

It's funny - a few days ago, I heard someone refer to the President's weekly radio address, and I realized I didn't know much about it. Specifically, I had no idea what time it was broadcast or what station carries it. Turns out the radio broadcast goes out at 10:06 on Saturday morning. I still don't know which local station carries it, but I did wonder why we still call it a radio address and not a podcast.

And then Obama made the jump to YouTube. Beginning on Nov 15th, President-elect Obama will broadcast his weekly address as a YouTube video.

Suddenly, it doesn't matter what time. It doesn't matter what station. Everyone can see/hear it now. I suspect his YouTube addresses will get a lot more attention than radio addresses have been getting, and that's a good thing because it means a more informed electorate.

Power (& knowledge) to the people!


Mark said...

There's a Democratic response an hour later at 11:06 - usually a member of Congress. I presume this will switch to Republican response come January, but I wonder if they'll start doing the web video thing, too.

Kimmer said...

I had no idea that this happens. Cool. I'll have to start tuning in...