Friday, November 28, 2008

What the meaning of "All" is...

I actually snapped this photo a little while ago, and figured today would be a good day to post it.

I just think it's funny* that the sign says 70% off All Sterling Silver Jewelry, even though they don't really mean "All" (even though it's in Bold). By "all" they actually mean everything except "Great Price, Exceptional Values, Introductory Offers, Closeouts, Clearance and Special Purchases." Yeah, that's a lot of categories to exclude from that big, bold All.

I'd suggest that "Some" would be more accurate, albeit less attention grabbing. It just kinda bugs me when I see stuff like this.

*and by "funny" I mean "not really funny at all... in fact, deceptive to a slightly disturbing degree." Hey, if "all" can mean "some," then "funny" can mean "not funny," right?

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Passante said...

One that gets me is "free gift." Isn't a gift, by definition free?

Then again, you generally have to buy something to get the "free" gift, in which case, the gift isn't free. So it isn't a gift.