Wednesday, March 12, 2008

100 Cheap Simplicity Cycles!

I got a cool offer from (where I publish my books), and you're invited to take part too!

This month, Lulu is reducing the minimum order required to get their bulk rate. Normally, you have to buy 250 copies to get the discount. During March, you only have to order 100.

So that means we can get 100 copies of The Simplicity Cycle for a mere $4.55 each, plus shipping (normally they're $9 + shipping). And rather than keep that all to myself, I thought I'd invite you to join in. That's right - you can order The Simplicity Cycle at the bulk order price!

Of course, neither of us needs 100 copies of the same book. But maybe you want 5 or more (autographed) copies to give to your clients, customers, students or colleagues. And maybe you think $4.55 each is a pretty good price.

If so, drop me a note at the.dan.ward at gmail (dot) com and let me know how many you'd like to order. I'm asking for a minimum order of 5 copies per person, just to keep things simple. If you want in, let me know by March 21st, and I'll let you know what the shipping cost will be (and how to send the money).

I hope to hear from you

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