Monday, March 17, 2008

Irish Soda Bread

The kids helped me make this Irish Soda Bread on Friday (from a new cookbook). It's partly because I wanted to try out the cookbook & play with the kids, it's sort of a St. Patrick's Day thing, and it's also largely inspired by my desire to be more involved with my food -knowing what it is, where it comes from, producing it myself, etc. How did it come out, you might ask? Fantastic. It's really delicious - and there's only 1 loaf left!

I'm also planning on doing some gardening this year - already planted some strawberry seeds (which we'll grow inside this time!) and have purchased some vegetable seeds (broccoli, cucumbers, carrots and zuke's). It'll be interesting to see if we can grow anything in our squirrel-infested backyard. Any tips on keeping the varmints away from my veggies?


Kim said...

Sure looks yummy!

Keep Murphy outside as much as possible - she should have fun chasing the squirrels away. :)

Anonymous said...

Be vigilant and carry a shovel. :)

Michelle said...

Looks good! I'll have to find a recipe for that one.

The squirrels? Don't get a dog like ours. He lets the squirrels eat his own food, so not much help there.