Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The metal band on my old watch had an annoying tendency to pop open anytime I moved my wrist just the right (wrong) way. Or if anything bumped it. Or if it just felt like it. Several times a day, I'd have to re-clasp my watch. It was a nice looking watch, but it sort of drove me crazy. So, my lovely and amazing wife got me a new watch for my birthday - and I love it.

We picked it out together, which was all part of the fun. At the first shop we visited, we looked at several and I picked the one I liked best ("Do you love it?" she asked. "It's a watch," I answered. "No big deal." "Let's keep looking," she said.) So we did. And after checking out a few more watch places, I found one that really grabbed me. Yeah, you could say I love it.

The case is thick and slightly oval shaped, not a boring thin circle. The numbers on the dial have an off-kilter, almost steampunkish quality (which doesn't really come through in the photo above). The band is a slightly mottled, reddish dark brown color. It's just different enough in just enough places, while not quite looking outlandish. It's the coolest watch I've ever owned.

And the band, being leather, doesn't pop open, no matter how I move my hand. Whew!


Deb said...

My watch does the same thing by popping open anytime it feels the need. Drives me crazy. Am in the market for a new one too and who knows, maybe I'll find just the right one soon too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Have you confirmed that this new item is conservative enough for the Air Force policy makers?

Seriously though: it looks great. And I think you're very easily amused. :)