Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mr. Bean & the Bridge

I previously mentioned that I like to watch stupid comedies and adventure flicks when Kim is out of town, as she was this past weekend. Well, one I picked was "Mr. Bean's Holiday," a delightfully silly, absurd little story that had me laughing out loud (all by myself) on several occasions.

The scene where he's in a restaurant eating langoustines (aka Norway Lobster?) is easily worth the price of admission. Holy cow that was funny.

But the reason I'm mentioning it here is because the movie was so unexpectedly and thoughtfully gorgeous. The landscapes and scenery sort of stole the show, and provided a great counterpoint to Mr. Bean's homely mug.

At one point, he's driving across a bridge in France and I had to pause the movie and google the bridge. I learned it is called the Viaduc de Millau Bridge. It's the world's tallest suspension bridge, there's a picture of it above, and isn't it amazing? I love it. Interestingly, the bridge was finished 3 months ahead of schedule, and its final cost was half (HALF!) the original estimate. That makes me love it even more. I'd love to know how they did it...


Anonymous said...

I loved the movie and the bridge too! (-:

Sonali said...

I have paused the movie too now to google the bridge.. and thanks to your blogpost I can now resume the movie!! :-)