Friday, March 28, 2008

Fun With Cash$Land

I did it. I called Cash$Land yesterday, and spoke with a very nice lady. I asked about their ID Theft program, wondering if it involved stealing passports and drivers licenses, or if it was primarily credit cards. She paused.
"Sir, this is an identity theft protection program."
"Oh! Right, that makes more sense than what I was thinking of. I didn't think fake passports were really legal."
"Sir, that would be very illegal."
"So, how much does this program cost?"
"It's $995 for a year."
"Not $95? Because the sign I'm looking at says $95."
"Really? Where is that?"
I gave her the address. She said she would call that location and let them know their sign was missing a 9.
"Also, the sign used to say $77. I was so confused."
"Oh, we had a program offering it for $777 last month."
"Not $77?"
"No, never $77"
"OK. Well, I think that answers all my questions. Thank you very much..."

Sadly, I called before I saw the suggestion of asking about the refund policy. Maybe I'll call again sometime...


revolution said...

i can't beleive you actually called them. that is too funny.

The Dan Ward said...

Yeah, it was pretty fun. The conversation actually was longer than the little transcript I put on the blog, but that was the gist of it...