Saturday, August 2, 2008

All By Myself

After a fun, whirlwind trip to NY to attend my father-in-law's wedding, I've been flying solo this week, as the kiddo's enjoy a week with my folks and my lovely wife spends some time with a variety of family members (including our new niece, Ivy!). Kim and the girls are driving from NY back here to OH today & tomorrow (accompanied by Kim's dad and his new bride!), so I'm happy to say my bachelor days are just about over.

Part way through the week, I was reminded of something Jim Gaffigan said on My Boys. It's from an episode where Andy (Gaffigan) has hired a very attractive nanny, and is feeling uncomfortable in his own house. He's out at a bar with some friends when he discovers the nanny is out for the evening. He jumps up and heads for the door, announcing "My house just became pants-optional!"

Well, I didn't exactly run around in my boxers, but I must admit there were a few moments this week when I didn't have a shirt on. Like today, after going up and down the stairs to clean all the bathrooms, make all the beds, and do several loads of laundry, I was getting kinda warm (and despite a shower, I hadn't quite cooled down from mowing the grass earlier in the morning). Plus, I baked a few loaves of Irish soda bread (yum!), to be ready for when everyone shows up tomorrow, so the kitchen was warm.

As I stood there in the warm kitchen, I heard Jim Gaffigan's voice in my head, saying "My house just became pants-optional!" and I took my t-shirt off, mostly because it made me laugh.

Tomorrow, I'm back to wearing a shirt all the time.


Kim1.0 said...

Man, Mom and Dad raised you good! Mowing, baking, cleaning, washing, etc during your bachelor week. Quite a guy. :)

The Dan Ward said...

And I even did some of it with no shirt on -whoo hoo! :)